Types Of Braces

Types Of Braces

Types Of Braces
Types Of Braces

Types Of Braces


The supports have been developed over a period of several years , and now there are more options than ever for kids and adults who want to straighten crooked teeth. Not all options work for everyone , so it is important to speak with a qualified to make decisions about the types of braces you want and it will work for you orthodontist.


Metal braces are stainless steel and can be plated in gold, if the patient wishes . When using keys food , brackets are bonded to the teeth. The yarn is then drawn through the media straighten teeth . Round wire is usually used in the first year of the crowns of the teeth of the movement, and the square wire is then used to move the roots. These supports periodic tightening and can cause a little pain when applied first and subsequently adjusted . Malaise is mild and goes away in two or three days. Viazi special means are also available for those wishing to metal types of braces . These bands have triangular hooks movable crowns of teeth and roots , while allowing shorter treatment time and less pain. The media used in metallic devices now come in a variety of layout shapes . and son crossing brackets are available in a variety of colors. Metal braces are the oldest method of straightening teeth and less expensive than currently available methods , but can permanently stain teeth .

Clear ceramic brakes

Ceramic brakes and delete both work in the same way as traditional metal types of braces , but often cause less pain in the gums. Ceramic braces are translucent brackets and supports that the media clear clear . Both types of braces allow the color of the tooth coming through , making it less visible than metal brackets means. While ceramic brackets and clear braces may be mixed in the teeth, the thread used to straighten teeth always displayed. Supports these systems are designed to resist stains , but small rubber bands are used to hold the strip wire for support. The ligatures can stain , but are changed each time you have your types of braces tightened . These fixtures will not stain your teeth, but are more expensive than traditional braces and often have to be more focused . Ceramic brakes are very strong, but can not be used in some patients because they do not want the intense pressure of needing orthodontic problems .

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are essentially traditional metal brackets that are placed in the teeth instead of outside . Lingual braces are Braces Behind Teeth the teeth and are very discreet . The application of lingual brackets require special training , if all orthodontists offer this option. These devices usually take a little longer to work than traditional types of braces and can cause sore tongue . It can be hard to talk properly for a few days after that lingual braces are applied. Lingual braces can not be an option for the treatment of serious problems or for those who need additional orthodontic appliances .

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are clear plastic with a computer. These devices are made of a plate that is molded specifically for your teeth. These devices are only used for two weeks at a time , if the plates are numbered and ready to use . Computer simulations can tell how long you think your treatment take and what the final result will look like. These devices are easy to clean as it can be removed for easy cleaning and consumption. Invisalign types of braces live up to their name and are almost impossible to see. Unfortunately, this form of treatment can be expensive and is only suitable for people whose teeth are slightly out of alignment and needs no additional hardware. As lingual braces , Invisalign also requires special training for orthodontists .


Many people believe that vanity is the main reason for teeth straightened, but this is not the case. While vanity may play a role in some people, crooked teeth can cause real problems. It is difficult to clean the teeth when they are wrong and have abnormal gaps and spaces between them. Crooked teeth can cause problems with chewing, talking, and, if severe enough, pain and headaches jaw . Many people think that types of braces are for children, but many adults Braces and Supports can be used at any time.

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