History of Braces Behind Teeth

Braces Behind Teeth

Braces Behind Teeth
Braces Behind Teeth

Braces Behind Teeth

Braces Behind Teeth are often required to correct crooked teeth. However, some people choose not to have a child with metal teeth . Fortunately , the keys are placed behind the teeth , called lingual Braces Behind Teeth have been developed. Everyone can have the benefits of straight teeth without being called " metal mouth ."


Key investment research behind the teeth began in early 1970. Orthodontists in the United States and Japan have worked separately to make your own lingual bracket system . First introduced in the offices of the American Orthodontics in 1979 , this form of support has not gained popularity for the first two decades , until the technology has improved installation and maintenance.


Since lingual Braces Behind Teeth are " invisible" to those who surround you , are now a popular choice in orthodontics. Using this method allows a more beautiful smile. Braces are placed behind the teeth are custom fit for each patient, allowing for more accurate and comfortable fit.


Lingual Braces Behind Teeth are generally more expensive than traditional Braces Behind Teeth , due to their specialization. They are also more likely to keep your food and make it more difficult to remove. Lingual Braces Behind Teeth are more likely to affect your speech and take longer to learn to talk with them in place, and have the potential to cause more damage to their regular language keys .


The first days of using appliances behind the teeth are the most important . To move to have something in the back of your teeth , you should eat soft foods and avoid too sticky or viscous. Brush your teeth thoroughly , especially behind where the Braces Behind Teeth . To prevent the wounds of the tongue , dental wax can be applied to surfaces until you get used to them.

Candidates with Braces Behind Teeth

Although originally developed for adults who have been embarrassed to have traditional braces on her teeth , lingual Braces Behind Teeth are available for people of all ages . They can be used in place of transparent plastic substrates , especially if the patient has a sensitivity of plastic .

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